Royal Weekend Regatta 2016

The RCYC Royal Weekend Regatta was held on August 13 / 14 and 16 J105 boats came out to participate.

Saturday saw some challenges starting with an AP ashore that lasted until 11:00 am. Then after everyone ventured out into the Lake and the RC got the first race underway a gale came sweeping in from the west with 30 plus knots of wind. Racing for the day was abandoned.

While everyone came back to the Club, wet and dejected, the Regatta Dinner went a long way to cheering everyone up with an awesome steak & baked potato buffet and a live band, Running Red Lights, that kept everyone dancing on the veranda until the last tender left the Club at 1:00 am.

Sunday proved to be a more normal day of racing with 4 races completed in a constant wind of 8 to 10 knots out of the south west. The J105 winners were Mandate in first with 10 points, Sentient in second with 16 points and third Hey Jude with 24 points.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Bullock, J105 Fleet Captain



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